Sunday, March 19, 2017

Midterm grade: A

Weekly pageviews (green line) and sessions for since the end of January (source: Quill Engage)

With the help of some strong reporting from both the enterprise and breaking news staffs, traffic for this semester has been nothing short of outstanding. Here are some numbers, courtesy of Google Analytics, for the website at midterm:

Pageviews - 176,992
Unique visits - 89,401
Home page visits - 26,479

The top stories, in terms of traffic, from Jan. 23-March 19:
1. Resident advisers fired for partying - 23,487 pageviews
2. Rape reported at frat house - 10,553
3. Chico State to pay former VP to work elsewhere - 5,325

A year ago, the analytics looked like this for the first half of the semester:

Pageviews - 112,084
Unique visits - 93,588
Home page visits - 13,820
Top story: 7,388 pageviews

For February 2017, traffic looked like this (click on the graphic for a larger version):

And the week before spring break this year:

Pageviews - 42,993
Unique visitors - 21,105
Home page visits - 4,482

More than 50 percent of the pageviews for the week were for the RA-firing story, illustrating once again that the campus and the community consider to be the go-to source for news about Chico State. If you want to keep these great traffic numbers, continue to do a great job covering the news.

Nice work!