Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Questions and suggestions about the webcast

Just a quick post today because I have to sit down and do my first Orion critique!

Question: Why does the background move behind Renee Crane? Is she standing in Bidwell Park?
Suggestion: In TV news, seeing is believing (it's what makes television news credible) so using a green screen to provide a fake background just isn't done on professional newscasts. Often, TV producers will put a window into the anchor frame to display a logo and, very occasionally, a larger window to run video for a VO, but it's usually better just to roll the video onto the full screen in that case. The weather often uses a green screen, but that's to pop up graphic information, like the forecast, or to show a weather map that the meteorologist uses to point out features. My suggestion would be to find a nice, quiet place on campus (or Bidwell Park) to shoot the weather report (no green screen) or create a weather graphic that you can display with blank space for Renee to stand in.

Question: Did the producers get permission to use the photos in this morning's webcast? 
Suggestion: "Courtesy of" means you asked the originator of the images if you could use them. If you didn't, it's a copyright violation. Even the photos on Google Images are copyrighted. So, either call the person or organization that posted the images or shoot them yourself. This usually only becomes a problem if you're reporting a story that didn't happen on campus or in Chico, and why would you be doing that?

Question: Why is the daily webcast so far down the home page?
Suggestion: This is one piece of home page real estate that visitors know is going to be fresh every single day, so it should play higher on the page. You might even consider moving it into the first or second position in the right column.

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