Thursday, September 27, 2012

Are you in the 1 percent?

Following up on what I said during critique yesterday...

Steve Buttry, digital transformation editor for Digital First Media, writes in a post for Nieman Journalism Lab that college papers are naturals to lead the way to a digital-first approach to the news. Their readers already prefer phones as a news platform, he says, and advertisers want to be where the students are.

That prompted a lively debate in the comments section following the post and a response at College Media Matters by Dan Reimold about the obstacles college journalists face on their path to a digital future.

Reimold and Bryan Murley of Innovation in College Media then continued the discussion during an episode of Murley's SoundCloud podcast this week. 

One of their observations really caught my ear: Most student journalists are just trying to master the basics of news reporting and writing, they said, so it's a stretch to get them to take the step into digital journalism.

BUT, says Reimold:

"There are an elite, 1 percent group of both student media and just journalism students that are out there and writing and reporting their butts off, and then also adopting and really leading the way on these digital tools and just experimentation in general."

If you're looking for a goal this year, becoming part of that 1 percent would be a good one.

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