Monday, September 10, 2012

Gold stars for the reporting this weekend!

I could not have been prouder of The Orion this weekend as the paper's reporters, editors and photographers covered the Brett Olson story. The coverage was sensitive, accurate and immediate, adding up to a professional effort on a sad, sad story for the Olsons and members of the Chico community who became part of their extended family during the search.

It also was a perfect example of how important having a digital-first mindset can be on a breaking story. Even without your extraordinary efforts on the website, Twitter and Facebook, almost everyone on campus will have known about the tragic ending to this story by the time the newspaper comes out Wednesday. So producing the breaking visual, textual and social-media reports this weekend was absolutely essential for The Orion to serve its readers.

Lots of people deserve credit for an extraordinary effort:
Jenna Valdespino and Ben Mullin for directing and coordinating the coverage
Lauren Beaven for editing copy and Lauren and Kacey Gardner for putting information up on as it was ready.
• Reporters Quinn Western, Pedro Quintana, Ben Mullin and Katrina Cameron
• Photographers Frank Rebelo and Liam Turner
Samantha Youngman and staff for putting up a special webcast on Saturday.

Very nice work on a very tough story.

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