Thursday, October 4, 2012 quick hits

Today, a little about a lot...

• Great job of getting the announcement about a new CSU chancellor on the website this morning. That's being on top of the news!
• I really enjoyed the bucket list person-on-the-street interviews in Wednesday's webcast. Great idea to introduce it in a fun way so viewers know it's a feature.
• Quinn Western's edges were showing in Wednesday's 'cast -- might be time to rethink putting so much in front of a green screen. Compare that video to Jon Ortez's weather standup -- so much nicer to look at. Time to build a set? Reserve the newsroom between 6 and 6:30?
• Speaking of Jon... love his energy on camera!
• The Thursday weather video shows how much better shooting outdoor segments in the sunshine is than those shot in the shade or dappled sunlight. Keep that in mind when an outside shot is scheduled.
• Framing continues to be an issue for the anchor segments. I thought the framing last week (tighter on Quinn) was better.
• The interview segments outside of the newsroom have been a nice addition, but they could use a little tweaking. In Pedro's interview today, for example, the camera angle gives us Pedro's full face, but his subject is in profile. Should be the other way around.
• Can the order of Today's Events on the home page be reversed: newer posts at the top?
• To avoid a fade as a transition in video, shoot b-roll (cross-country runners for today's interview, for example) so you can cut away, continue the audio underneath, and then come back to the subject to finish.
• Are the music and arts reviews being promoted on the home page? I'm having trouble finding them. Because they don't appear in the paper and need to be fresh, they should be prime content for the website. Maybe a regular place in the photo rotator? Shouldn't be that hard to to get your own photo from the event or a promotional photo from the promoter.

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