Friday, November 2, 2012

Enter the Hearst contest!

The second deadline for Hearst college media awards is next Thursday. This time it's for news and feature photos, so if you have something great you'd like to enter, follow the directions below.

Paul Smeltzer and Corey Bruecker both entered the feature writing competition last week. Good luck to them!

The top prizes are scholarships worth thousands of dollars, so it's definitely worth your effort to enter.

Here's the latest announcement:


Deadline:  THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2012

The following reminder is a digest of rules for submitting an entry in the photojournalism competition. 

Entries in the News and Features Category consists of at least two news and two feature images, of the following categories:  News: breaking news, general news or news photos relating to sporting events
Features: features, portraits, sports, documentary photography
An entry will consist of a minimum of four images (at least two news and two feature), maximum eight images in news and feature categories.

All photographs must have been taken within the following time frame and one image must have been disseminated in print or online from September 1, 2011 through November 8, 2012.

DEADLINE: The deadline has been extended to Thursday, November 8, 2012

Each University may enter up to two different students’ work.

The selected entrants must be current undergraduates at the time the entry is produced and published.  An exception is made for spring, summer or fall 2012 graduates, allowing them to enter the contests in the 2012-2013 program year.  The entry must have been published, however, before students were graduated.  The spring or summer 2012 graduates would NOT be eligible to complete in the 2013 National Championship. 


Send an email to Adviser Mark Plenke before the critique next Wednesday OR bring the photos you'd like to submit to critique. He'll guide you through the rest of the process.


      One of the photographs from the series must be been published during the time period designated.
      A pdf of the tear sheet of the image can be uploaded in the “supporting materials” field or faxed to us.

      A letter from the off-campus publication's editor (if image was published in professional publication) verifying authorship of published photo can be uploaded in the “supporting materials” field or faxed to us.

      Captions: One paragraph summarizing the photo submitted should be included when you upload your image.  Begin the caption with the category. Example:  Feature: caption info

Please label each images.  Example:  News_Name_School_ 01.jpg.
Images size should be no larger than 72 dpi resolution, JPG format, max size of 1,280 pixels on the longest side (8 x 10)

This competition awards $16,200 in scholarships and matching grants to the top five ranking students & their schools in addition to the possibility of qualifying for the National Photo Championship.  The department receives a $100 stipend per competition entered.

Please call Jan Watten at 1-800-841-7048 ext. 4565 or 415-908-4560 or 
Fax: 415-243-0760

Pass this along to people on the photo staff who might not read this blog and good luck!

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