Monday, December 10, 2012

Meet the managers

The new editorial leadership of The Orion has hired its managers for spring semester and tweaked the organizational structure a bit in the process. Here's the list:

Editor-in-Chief: Jenna Valdespino
Managing Editor: Ben Mullin
News Editor: Quinn Western
Opinion Editor: Carly Caumiant
Sports Editor: Trevor Platt
Features Editor: Katrina Cameron
Photo Editor: Brett Edwards
Video Editor: Nicholas Kinoshita
Chief Copy Editor: Leila Rodriguez
Online Editor: Dan Reidel
Art Director - Scott Ledbetter

The position of multimedia manager, someone to supervise both photo and video work, fell off the organization chart. The video editor will be in charge of the daily webcast and be on the receiving end of footage shot by staff members. He'll also be able to train people to edit video.

Managing the TownNews content management system for the website, creating staff email addresses, creating the Issuu version of the paper, presenting weekly stats, etc., will now be the job of a webmaster.

On the business side, Mitch Engelking will be the new business manager and Michael Kenny will become advertising manager. They are both account executives this semester.

Looks like we have a great team in place for next semester!

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