Saturday, March 9, 2013

Great new look for The Orion website

Just wow!

After a meeting Friday with the top editors and art director, Online Editor Dan Reidel sat down and put a brand new home page template into place, and the results are impressive!

The template features a new and improved interactive photo rotator. Immediately under that, a new panel of three thumbnail photos promote other stories inside the website. The video module moves into the right column.

Farther down the page, Dan has organized the layout blocks to give the page a more modular look, reintroducing a short collection of story teases for each section and combining sports and news Twitter feeds.

Overall, the page feels more organized and, with the additional emphasis on editorial art at the top of the page, it's a lot more attractive.

The trick to making this change a continued success will be for Orion staffers to provide art with every major story, either by making sure to file a photo assignment or shooting photos themselves with the rotator and three-photo panel in mind.

Nice work, Dan!

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