Friday, May 17, 2013

End-of-semester feedback about The Orion

The Orion staffers at Wednesday's critique had some interesting things to say about their experiences on the paper and website this semester, some of which should help next year's editors set a direction. Thanks to those of you who participated!

The majority of those responding wrote that their experience was positive and used terms like educational, rewarding and fun to describe it. A few people, though, weren't that thrilled. They described their semester as stressful and exhausting.

Photo by Steve Eng, used under a Creative Commons licence.
Staffers said The Orion's strongest suits are writing and reporting, breaking news coverage and design.

The clear number one weakness of the paper, they wrote, was photos.

Advice for the future
When asked what single change the paper should make to serve readers better, the Orionites suggested:
• more stories relevant to students
• more visually appealing
• more interaction with readers.

Fixing those things might go a long way to addressing the most troubling answer in the survey. I asked: What do your friends say to your face about the newspaper? The most common answer was: They don't read it. I suggest you make it your mission to find out why.

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