Thursday, September 19, 2013

Good First Week for the New Website

In the first full week since was relaunched with a new design:
• 3,605 individuals visited the website and made
• 6,671 visits, viewing
• 57,527 pages.

The biggest single day was yesterday (Wednesday), when 1,416 visits were made by visitors who viewed 12,084 pages, according to statistics compiled by The Orion's web hosting service.

I don't have the comparable week from last year, but from Oct. 31-Nov. 6, 2012:
• 5,918 visits were recorded on the old site and
• 11,716 page views.

That week, a Monday was the busiest day (1,330 visits) of a week  that included news stories about Halloween lawlessness near campus and the beginning of Mason Sumnicht's unsuccessful fight to overcome acute alcohol poisoning after a 21st birthday celebration. So, a pretty big news week.

The Orion relaunch week's biggest day was Wednesday (more typical of last year's traffic patterns) when most of the week's newspaper stories were posted to the website. That says to me that
• visitors to the site increase when there's fresh content to see, and
• Orion visitors have been trained to look for news on Wednesdays.

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