Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What My Facebook friends and Twitter followers think of the new Orion website

Overnight, I posted a request on both Facebook and Twitter for comments about the new Orion website. I'll post the reactions here and keep adding as the day goes on. Please feel free to post your own impressions by adding a comment below.

  • Barb Teed Like the layout. Like that you have off-campus news was fascinated by the county voting to secede from CA, but would like more info (i.e. can they do this by U.S. law); like the sidebar for comments. Great addition of the video bar, Headline: Lounge redesign to continue after flood is confusing; when the flood is done, the lounge will be redesigned? Love the top page bar of content highlights. Very well laid out. Great job! Very professional looking; I predict awards...!
  • Barb Teed The Thinning Blue Line good article; relevant off-campus news, populated with interviews, well-written.
  • Barb Teed Chico Chief of Police article was balanced as the writer interviewed supporters of the Police Chief.
  • Shirley Javurek Suggestion: Do you have someone who could write a basic financial column? All Students need a basic understanding.
  • Jonathan Reed At first glance, it is easy to scan, a plus. I think that 6 teasers at the top is too many, particularly since the same words are used in the headline. It's OK to rewrite. Your logo should be larger -- be PROUD! And be consistent: your name is upper and lower case on the home page, page but all caps on the tab pages. Watch teaser length -- the thinning blue line story is too short (but good headline concept, though). Video up front on home page is good placement. if it can't be news, though, then content should be entertaining.

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