Friday, November 22, 2013

A new cast of characters for spring semester

Editor-in-Chief-to-be Katrina Cameron and the next Orion managing editor, Ernesto Rivera, have chosen their management staff for next semester. Here's the complete lineup:

Managing Editor Ernesto Rivera
EIC: Katrina Cameron
Managing Editor: Ernesto Rivera
Chief Copy Editor: John Riggin
Art Director: Liz Coffee
News Editor: Mozes Zarate
Opinion Editor: Zachary Coyl
Sports Editor: Sharon Martin
Features Editor: Risa Johnson
Arts Editor: Nicole Santos
Photo Editor: Kasey Judge
Video Editor: Emily Bertolino
PR Director: Jessica Barber

If you'd like be a member of the staff, contact Katrina or Ernesto personally or fill out an Orion job application available here:

Have a safe and happy break!

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