Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanks for today's critique discussion

Using the Camayak calendar will help even out The Orion's copy flow.
Thanks, everyone, for the discussion at critique today about fixing the deadline and website problems at The Orion. Just to sum up:
• Everyone on the staff, from reporters to the editor-in-chief, is responsible for the newspaper's deadlines.
• Staggering deadlines so stories are coming in throughout the week is crucial to preventing a day-of-publication logjam that leads to errors, stress and missed deadlines.
• Using Camayak properly can help, and everyone should be using it.
• To have informative and appealing web and print pages, editors and reporters need to plan what they'll look like when stories are assigned. Editorial art should be part of every story discussion.
• Writers should be turning coverage into copy right away instead of waiting days to compose their first drafts. Editors should be working copy soon after it comes in, talk with reporters about revisions and publish to the website when stories are ready.
• Stories should be updated when new information or art becomes available.

I know changing the way the paper has done things in the past is hard work. I want you to know I appreciate all your efforts to make the transition from a print-centric organization to one that thinks digital first.

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