Friday, May 16, 2014

Keeping web traffic consistent

The traffic analytics for at the middle of May show a positive trend for the website: visitors have been retrained to expect new content on the site most days of the week.

That's a real change from a year ago, when readers figured out that The Orion editors would do a big data dump when the print newspaper was published on Wednesdays. OrionDay is still the busiest day of the week at, but as the numbers above demonstrate, traffic really only dips significantly on weekends.

That's one of the reasons traffic overall has been growing. For this half-month, the numbers are:
8,019 unique visitors
21,581 visits
284,431 page views (a little over 13 pages per visit, on average)

The top stories, so far, for May:
• Student by day, stripper by night - 1,686
• Wildcat store could be outsourced to private company - 684
• Chico State files lawsuit against PG&E - 550

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