Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Arts & Entertainment returns to print edition

When The Orion downsized for budget reasons a few years ago, editors decided to roll the Arts & Entertainment section into Features. Then last year, a separate A&E section was revived online. Today's paper marks its return to the print edition.

I see some smart, smart decisions on that page this morning:
• Editors added a color position so the page could attract maximum attention at the back of the paper (it's on the next-to-last page of Section B).
• The top of the page teases events, with the web address of the section in case readers want more information.
• The bottom has a standing calendar featuring things for readers to do on or near campus over the weekend.
• A centerpiece dominates the top of the page. This week, it's a feature about a local artist with a nice environmental portrait of the subject.
• What appears to be a standing Q&A stretches down the page's left-most column.
• Both main features refer readers to additional content online: a video of the musician featured in the Q&A and an interactive timeline of the other artist's career.

Congratulations to the editors, and especially new A&E Editor Ashiah Scharaga.

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