Monday, February 9, 2015

Fun February Facts

According to website and mobile app analytics:

130,944 pages were viewed on the website during the first week of February
523,776 page views projected for the full month of February

45 people followed a link to Michaela Sundholm's Q&A with Pocket Points founders Mitch Gardner and Rob Richardson that appeared in a Penn State newspaper food column.

62 people followed a link to Veronica De La Cruz's column about Pocket Points from an article about the app in the Washington Post.

1,680 people shared Michaela's article on Facebook.

1,218 February page views came from a Facebook post viewed on a mobile phone, about a quarter of all visits to the website in February from an outside source.

Others were:
453 from a traditional Facebook post, including posts to The Orion's Facebook page.
204 from accounts.
117 from the special online section about homelessness posted last year.

347 people have downloaded The Orion mobile phone app.
3,652 pages on the app were viewed during the past month.

Here's where the app can be downloaded:

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