Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Power of Hip-Hop

Something interesting popped up when I was looking over theorion.com traffic numbers for May. The busiest day of the month was the 24th, long after most students had cleared out of Chico and the editors had posted a note that no new stories would be posted until August.

Curious, I navigated to the website and noticed a special section about Hip-Hop had been posted a few days before. Then I noticed something else: The section showed up several times in the list of  "outside sources" sites.

That means that people who had found their way to theorion.com to read about Hip-Hop had stuck around to view more content on the website. It's likely they enjoyed the writing and reporting in the special section and wanted to see what else The Orion had to offer. And THAT'S good for everyone.

The other numbers for May were pretty much what you'd expect. With students leaving campus after the second week of the month, numbers overall were down. You can read them if you click on the graphic below.

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