Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Newspaper Distribution 101

There's a right way and a wrong way to distribute The Orion to news racks around campus. This photo shows the wrong way.
Photo by Lars Gustafson

Here's the right way:
1. Check the delivery sheet to make sure you're dropping the correct number of bundles at each site.
2. Pick up any issues of the previous week's papers and recycle them.
3. Take the plastic ties from around the bundle or bundles you're dropping off and throw them away.
4. Put the new papers top-of-front-page facing up on the rack.

When you've delivered all the papers, return your wire cart to the office and let the office manager know if you had any problems or any racks are damaged or vandalized.

(Some weeks, the public relations staff may ask for a count of papers remaining on racks. Be sure to take the time to count them accurately before you recycle.)

Also, not all the people who signed up to deliver papers the last two weeks showed up at 7:30 to take their turn distributing the copies around campus. When someone misses a shift, others have to be called in to do their work. So.... show up when you're scheduled.

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