Saturday, March 5, 2016

February Traffic a Little Bit Better

Page views for since December 2015. Click for a closer view.

February analytics for shows the website continues to gain back the traffic it lost last semester when a series of problems knocked the site off-line or slowed it down for more than a month.

Of course, it's difficult to compare months to months when students were on campus for the full month of February but only a few weeks in December and a couple of weeks in January. Here are the numbers for all three:

Page views:
February - 65,782
January - 28,435
December - 30,971

Unique Visitors:
February - 29,188
January - 13,438
December - 14,180

A better measure might be averaging the days each month when students were actually on campus.

Page views per day in weeks when classes are in session:
February - 2,268
January - 1,964
December - 1,283

That last set of numbers shows The Orion website is reclaiming its lost audience. Another hopeful sign is the increase in the number of people downloading the mobile app:

Total number of app downloads:
August 10 - 521
December 2 - 1,003
March 5 - 1,251

App page views totaled 9,088 in February.

Here are the five most viewed stories on last month:
Chico State journalism student dies - 7,342 page views
Rape trail no more - 4,418
Chico voted sixth romantic city in America - 2,035
Man shoots himself at Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity - 878
Biggie, Tupac can rest assured - 822

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