Monday, May 16, 2016

Regular readers are coming back

The Google Analytics report this week from Quill Engage shows traffic on returning to the way things were before trouble with the website started last fall: Users are now likely to come directly to the home page to see what's available, reader behavior that's more like a newspaper and less like the beneficiary of social media posts.

That's good, in that The Orion is again becoming the go-to source of campus news for readers. It's not so good, in that the best way to keep increasing traffic is to have a lively social media presence that drives new visitors to the site.

Another interesting -- and I think positive -- note: No single story blew up the traffic and inflated the numbers, so the uptick in traffic was general.

You can read the complete Quill Engage report here.

Here are the top 5 stories from last week:
Harriet Tubman to be first woman featured on $20 bill - 960 views
Retired Chico State professor dies - 627
Hidden gems to visit when the weather is right - 516
Chico is getting expensive - 460
Chico streets are whack - 426

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