Tuesday, November 1, 2016

End-of-October Surprise

After a couple of weeks of poor numbers, traffic on theorion.com rebounded last week to end October on a high note. Traffic on all devices was up the past seven days, with mobile taking the lead.

The bump started Wednesday and continued for a couple of days, I suspect because visitors were looking for news about Halloween in Chico. A review of "The Girl on the Train" by Anisha Brady provided the most traffic of the week (and of the month!) with about 1,200 views by this morning. Because that story's bounce rate (the percentage of visitors who come to the website to view just that story) was about 95 percent, it's likely the traffic came from Google search or a link to the review posted on another website.

Page views for the month were 38,594, down from 52,040 in September.

The number of visits to theorion.com jumped this past week.
Here are the top stories from last Tuesday through Monday:
The Girl on the Train a Thrilling Ride - 1,181
Letter to the Editor - 374
Virginity an Important Milestone - 311
Art Tour Reveals Hidden Gems of School - 171
Full Disclosure: Athletes Getting Paid - 139
Live Halloween Coverage - 139
Candidates Running for Chico City Council - 134
Chico State Ranked Among Best Schools in California - 127
Race Relations are Moving Backward - 122

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