Friday, August 24, 2012

Using Twitter to report events live

 Ben Mullin and Quinn Western put on a clinic on covering events live with Twitter on Thursday and Friday.

Ben was at President Paul Zingg's fall convocation with more than a dozen posts as the event went on, including quotes and descriptions of what was happening.

Quinn Tweeted from Wrecktacular on Friday and added digital photos to her descriptions of what was happening and who was offering what freebies to Chico State students.

I was in a Journalism & PR department meeting this morning when professor Matt Blake commented on how on top of the news The Orion staff has been this week.

It's exactly this kind of coverage that makes people sit up and take notice of the paper's reporting, increasing the audience and The Orion's value to the campus.

If only these stories had found their way onto the website so readers could have read and seen the coverage, too....

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