Sunday, November 3, 2013

Audience builds for and app

The October numbers for The Orion website and mobile app show a growing audience that spends lots of time looking at lots of content.

According to analytics gathered by the paper's web hosting service, BlueHost:
• 11,557 individuals viewed last month.
• They viewed 336,674 pages in 31,349 visits, or 10.74 pages per visit (the rate for, one of the most popular news websites in the world, is around 3.2 pages per visit, according to the BBC's own estimates).
• The number of unique visitors was slightly down from September, but visits, page views and hits were all higher.

The mobile app, according to host iCampusTimes:
• was downloaded by 465 people in October, bringing the total to a more than 1,800.
• attracted 676 individual viewers in October compared with 472 in September.
• had 2,670 total visits compared with 1,966 in September.

The most popular category on the mobile app in October was "Offers" with 1,849, probably because of the iPad giveaway contest. News was the most popular category in September with 1,048 visits, but news attracted about 200 more viewers in October, 1,246.

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