Thursday, May 1, 2014

April numbers for WOW!

Hey, Orion staff!

All that hard work you did last month really paid off. April was by far the best month ever for Here are the numbers:
Unique visitors - 20,004
Visits - 53,073
Page views - 687,672 (an amazing 13.44 pages per visit!)
A little more than 10,000 of the visits came from Facebook links. 

Three of the most-viewed individual stories were breaking news:
Bare-chested bandit detained on Ivy Street - 4,341 views (Oh the power of a good headline!)
Associated Students candidates - 1,701
Chico State employees face workplace bullying - 1,463

Those might not end up being the most popular stories, though. The last day of April (yesterday) had the heaviest traffic of the month, 34,884 page views. The three front page Orion stories from Wednesday and Veronica De La Cruz's column about the Faded social app will continue to draw traffic this week.

It's clear to me that your readers have figured out they can depend on The Orion to cover breaking news and stories that matter to them, and that the news will be available while it's still news on You've set a high bar for the Orionites who will follow you next year!


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