Monday, December 15, 2014

Who will lead The Orion next semester?

Editor-in-Chief Lindsay Pincus has finished hiring the ed board for spring semester.

Managing Editor Ashiah Scharaga
There are three new positions on the roster. Instead of news co-editors, the news section will be led by a continuous news editor, responsible for keeping up to date as news breaks, and an enterprise news editor, who will assign and edit longer-form, multi-source stories and projects. Lindsay has also decided to revive the position of web editor.

 Here are the journalists who will be leading The Orion and
EIC - Lindsay Pincus
Managing Editor - Ashiah Scharaga
Art Director - Monica Fitch
Chief Copy Editor - Bill Hall
Enterprise News Editor - Joe Silva
Continuous News Editor - Whitney Urmann
Opinion Editor - Madison Holmes
Sports Editor - Jose Olivar
Features Editor - Stephanie Schmieding
Arts & Entertainment Editor - Jake Hutchison
Photo Editor - John Domogma
Video Editor - Salahadin Albutti
Web Editor - Saiyo Fox
PR Director - Kristen Moran

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