Sunday, January 4, 2015

Orion page views top 7 million in 2014

The final 2014 traffic numbers for are in:
Page views: 7,151,036
Pages viewed per visit: 11.63
Total number of visits: 614,420

Because The Orion switched to new hosting and a new content management system during the fall of 2013, comparable numbers aren't available. The fall months (September through December), though, looked like this (2013 listed first):
Page views: 1,114,396 -  3,431,530
Pages viewed per visit: 10.3 - 10.85
Total number of visits: 107,876 - 316,265

So, traffic roughly tripled from last fall to this. Pretty impressive!

It wasn't a surprise that December and January numbers were lower than the rest of the academic year. Students and much of the faculty aren't on campus and campus news, The Orion's most-viewed content, slows to a trickle. This graph shows what happened last month:

Still, December 2014's page views were 568,192, a 109-percent increase from last December's 271,686 views.

Here are the most-viewed stories of 2014, according to analytics from's Web hosting service, BlueHost:
Wildcat of the Year coverage - 60,195 page views
Woman killed, dismembered by train - 21,698
Pocket Points hits Chico State - 21,475
Chico State student found dead in swimming pool - 15,504
Frat house burns while parties rage - 10,554

2014 was an excellent year, everyone. Congratulations!

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