Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Final week helps February web-traffic numbers

Big numbers for two essays in a sexual assault commentary special section and a breaking story about alleged financial malfeasance at a campus club helped theorion.com reach 100,000 unique visits in February.

Page views almost doubled (to 52,032) and unique visits more than doubled (to 8,590) the day the three pieces were uploaded to the web (Feb. 25). The following day, visits were still at 7,771 and page views hit 37,580. Visit- and page-view averages for the month were 3,579 and 22,435, according to analytics provided by bluehost.com, The Orion's web-hosting service.

The top stories of the month were:
1. Club president allegedly steals $10,000 - 8,927 page views
2. Men are survivors of sexual assault too - 7,115
3. Date rape still a hidden scourge - 5,219
4. Study break: Jupiter ascending review - 4,846
5. Press pause: Eminem's Grammy tells us one thing - 4,732

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