Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Where are your readers? What does it matter?

March marked another good month for, with more than 47,000 people visiting the site where they viewed almost 700,000 pages.

The paper's other digital format -- a smartphone app -- did really well, too, with1,814 visits and 6,744 pages viewed, when you consider that just 407 people have downloaded the app.

Here's an infographic I put together to show how the paper's platforms compared last month. Click on it to get a readable view.

It's pretty obvious that most of the audience goes to the website for news, although it's interesting that a growing number of visitors get there through their phones (10,000 visits started on a Facebook page viewed on a mobile phone).

Every part of The Orion's audience is important, of course, but what's crucial to take away from these numbers is that the online audience should be uppermost in the minds of everyone on the staff. It expects news to be posted right away and comes to the website looking for breaking news.

That's what I mean when I talk about a digital-first and a mobile-first frame of mind.

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