Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bad news leads top 10 web stories

Three hard news (and bad news) stories were the biggest traffic generators for in March.

Topping the list of most-viewed posts to the website was the death of Professor Willis Geer, who was found in his Butte Hall office March 2. The bar-chart (above) that shows traffic day by day spikes on March 3..

The other two top stories were the deaths of two students, shooting victim Travis Powell and Nickolas Kline, who was hit by a car near campus.

Here are March's top 10 stories:
1. Professor found dead in Butte Hall office - 15,144 page views (two stories)
2. Student hit by car dies - 10,195 (two stories)
3. Shooting victim identified - 6,118
4. The meaning of St. Patrick's Day - 4,956
5. Faculty hit the ground running - 4,051
6. Freshman will spend 8 months at Disney World - 3,104
7. Men are survivors of sexual assault, too - 2,640
8. Local pedicab owner a driving force in community - 2,571
9. Chico State adapts new accessibility icon - 1,861
10. Student activist fights against human trafficking - 1,549

It's gratifying to see features -- good news -- well represented on the list. Four of the top 10 stories were profiles about people on campus or in the community.

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