Monday, March 21, 2016

Does Spring Break really matter?

The Orion doesn't publish a physical newspaper during spring break, but do visitors keep using the website?

Google analytics for the week of March 13-20 show they do, but traffic slowed down about 43 percent for the week. Pages per visit were down, too, from 1.77 to 1.65. That could mean that people who came to the site and found few new stories didn't stick around to explore.

Something else interesting happened, though. Visitors to still mostly navigate to the site to see what's there, rather than arrive after seeing some sort of social-media tease to stories. Last week, about 11.8 percent of visitors went directly to home page, while just over 11 percent entered at the story about water levels at Lake Oroville. That's new and probably worth watching to see if it's the start of a trend. 

Here are the week's top stories or pages:

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